A Simple Four Step Process

You can paint almost any surface without sanding or striping your piece.

You will need to sand any chipped paint or vanish but generally wipe or dust your piece and painting you go!


Two coats of paint are mostly required but depends on the look you are after. There are no hard and fast rules to this.

Once paint is dry you can sand some off to make it look old. Once you have created your desired look you now can wax.


To wax you need a lint free cloth (I use an old pillow case or sheet). Rub wax all over your painted furniture, it should be sticky to touch, Leave wax for about 1-2 hours, then with another lint free cloth buff to get any excess wax off and give your piece a slight shine.

Leave your piece over night for the wax to set properly.


These are the basic instructions to get your started.

We are happy to help you create the look you are after so please email or ring with your questions.


Paint Workshops

YoGet inspired with one of our paint workshops. You come along with your piece of furniture. You can choose any look you like for your piece of furniture and we will help you get your look. We provide everything else you need on the day. Paintbrushes, aprons, paints, waxes. We even include a beautiful lunch at the Mothered Goose Cafe.

$110 /per person
10am – 3pm
126 Bridge Street, Bulls

Group Booking

You could book your own day with work friends or family. Can be either mid week or weekends. A group of 6-8 people is required. Please contact us to check dates.

Out Of Town Workshops

We are happy to come to your town and run a workshop.

Please contact us to inquire about these workshops. 

We love helping you with your furniture. I love creating different looks for you to try so please email or contact us to ask your questions. 

If you are a retailer wanting a new venture and are interested in stocking the furniture paint and running workshops please contact Kirsty.